My Little Pokemon - TrainersChampions, and Rivals

by kilala97

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it’s for science

"golden lesbian guinea pig with a paralyzing fear of the color yellow. They only listen to Tiesto. They cannot sing. Starving artist. Kind of a huge jerk."
Golden with the fear of yellow? How’s that working out for you.

spooky super-gay crawfish with six arms. They don’t like anchovies. They know a dinosaur who actually is pretty mean. Works as a stripper. Kind of a huge jerk.”

accurate tho

lavender very gay arctic wolf with six arms. They cannot pronounce common words. Tried kissing once. It was awful. Is a secret agent. Incredibly lucky.”

i must do something with this

”??? bisexual antelope with a bionic arm. One eye doesn’t work quite right. They know how to knit. Wears jeans covered in patches. Chaotic Good.”

I might actually draw this antelope…

black bisexual nurse shark with a peg leg. One eye doesn’t work quite right. They love to skateboard. Wears a loin cloth. Why? Who knows. They have a house on an island.

low poly panromantic doberman with a billion children. They have a split tongue. They cannot sing. Wears studded leather jackets. Aggressively calls everyone buddy.


The last part tho

black demisexual honey badger with a bionic arm. They love to troll reddit. They secretly invented the iPhone. Wears studded leather jackets. They don’t give a fuck about the oxford comma.

yellow lesbian antelope with questionable morals. They love hop-scotch. They love to skateboard. Works as a mechanic. Incredibly lucky.

red-and-gold lesbian komodo dragon with a chronic runny nose. They don’t like anchovies. They are covered in spikes. Works as a life guard. Worth at least 6 million dollars.

*le sigh* Wish I had at least a group of buddies that’d invite me to group calls frequently and/or randomly. Only two skype groups of mine have calls ever so often but eeeh I just wish I had more skype call opportunities. 

Mothra is trying to come into my room apparently. Darn lil’ bugger kept moving, I guess he’s camera shy.

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A friend of mine futurediarist is looking for commissions and could use your help! He does really awesome artwork that is definitely worth checking out! Please visit his commission info page here! Thank-you~ <333

Wowowowowwwww 265 followers, how are there that many of you?! Thank-you, I love each and every one of ya~ ♪

Lol I’m so broke right now. I got 15$ to my name and my car is still hungry. 


Imagine if megalodon sharks were around today

Anonymous whispered:
I'll be honest, I have a bit of a crush on you

OHSEOfhljLKfjslj Ohhh goodnesssss wweell uhhh thankkkks~! >w<  Pfffffffff normally people don’t tend to have such thoughts about me. Save for a nerd or two waaaaah thankss, but you’ll make me redder than Pikachu’s cheeks! 

Anonymous whispered:
youre really cool and fun, and i love when we talk even though it isnt often. and im jelly of your awesome drawss. and and i always get super excited when i see youve posted, whether it's silly stuff, you getting adorably excited over dwagons, or some original song or drawing, it always makes my day

waaaah too much nice in one paragraph, thank-yyyewww mysterious anon! ;w;  Who apparently talks to mee, waaah we should talk more. I’m usually just tired and slow but not busy.